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"I use 1-800-BACK DOC because it works. I receive more calls then I ever did with any numeric number."

Dr. John Piazza
Piazza Chiropractic Associates
1-800-BACK DOC®
Morrisville, PA

"1-800-NOT GUILTY has given me the power to expand my practice outside of New Orleans. It's amazing to me that I get clients in the suburbs that saw a billboard or matchbook of mine three months ago in the city."

Donald Sauviac, Jr.
The Law Offices of Donald A. Sauviac, Jr.
New Orleans, LA

"I give Mountain Marketing Group my unqualified endorsement and recommendation. I have nothing but good things to say about both their products and their staff. They not only understand marketing, they are committed to their customer's success. That kind of support is unprecedented and invaluable in a very competitive business world. Becoming a licensee is like becoming part of a marketing family. Their yearly seminars are inspiring, informative and helpful. Their staff is always eager to answer questions and solve problems for you.

I have used 1-800-INJURED in my law practice for over 6 months and truly feel it has done wonders for my marketing dollars. It is the only phone number I have found that contains a marketing message within it mnemonics. Bottom line, their numbers work. Their phone numbers will help your numbers (and profits) go through the roof."

John Schalter
Injury Law Center
Detroit, MI

"We started with one small market in Ohio, and now we license three States. 1-800-INJURED took our business to the moon."

Mike Dyer
Dyer, Garafolo, Mann, & Schultz
Dayton, OH
"1-800-INJURED was the jumpstart that we needed to take our business to new markets."

Mark Frenkel
Frenkel & Frenkel
Dallas, TX
"1-800-NOT GUILTY has proved to be the only tool I needed to become the premier criminal practitioner in New Jersey."

James Maynard
Maynard & Truland, LLC
Morristown, NJ
"Before 1-800-INJURED, we were just another law firm on TV. Now we dominate the market. You better license 1-800-INJURED before your competition does!"

John Sakson
Stark & Stark
Philadelphia, PA
"Within the first month of using 1-800-NOT GUILTY, my radio advertising took off. Before using the the number, I was signing up 1 client per month. Within the first three weeks after switching to 1-800-NOT GUILTY I signed up 7 new clients. I have even had to hire another lawyer to help with the new business. I reccomend 1-800-NOT GUILTY to any criminal attorney doing broadcast advertising."

Hal Uhrig
The Defense Group
Altamonte Springs, FL
"We decided that we wanted to expand our booming family medical practice. We ran radio ads on a conservative station that didn't really produce the results that we had hoped for. We decided to try 1-800-THE DOCTOR in our ads, and the effect has been astonshing. We sign up nearly 10 new families a week compared to about 4 before we licensed the number. 1-800-THE DOCTOR was and is a great investment and I would reccomend it to anyone.."

Dr. Cal Fischer
Poplar Creek Family Practice
Hoffman Estates, IL
"1-800-INJURED is an absolute necessity for any personal injury attorney. My call volume shot up 30% when I switched from my numeric 800 number to 1-800-INJURED in my TV ads. And I decided to try billboard advertising again, which failed miserably with my numeric number. My 1-800-INJURED billboards are generating almost as many calls as my TV ads."

Ron Fleisher
Karlin & Fleisher
Chicago, IL
"The use of my vanity phone number has been so successful I've had to triple the size of my staff."

Eric Shore
Law Offices of Eric A. Shore
Philadelphia, PA
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