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Everything you need to know about licensing one of our toll-free vanity numbers
Toll-Free Routing
Licensing & Fees

Get Informed

The more you know about toll free vanity phone numbers, the more attractive one of our shared use 1-800 numbers becomes. Your other options include:

  • Get Your Own 1-800 number:
    The costs to acquire your own toll-free vanity number can be hundreds of thousands of dollars, if it is even available.

  • Get A 1-888 number:
    Is not as prestigious as a 1-800 number and is frequently misdialed as “800”, driving business to your competition.

  • Get a 1-877 or 1-866 number:
    A majority of consumers still do not recognize the 866 and 877 area code pre-fixes as toll free and they are far less prestigious – making your business look second rate.

The Mountain Marketing Group can have your new vanity phone number ringing right to your office within 24 hours without the need to purchase any additional equipment. All you need is a phone line and an open mind to the creative possibilities of marketing your 1-800 vanity number.

Bottom Line

Licensing one of our distinctive and memorable 1-800 vanity numbers will save time and money over other toll free vanity phone number options and enable you to get more calls, more business, and more profit out of your marketing efforts.

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