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How our toll-free vanity phone number licensing works and associated fees
Toll-Free Routing
Licensing & Fees

Our Program

  • Exclusive use of your 1-800 vanity number within your market

  • Calls ring directly to your office

  • You may advertise your 1-800 vanity number in any way you choose within your market

  • You may license any amount of territory that you like; numbers are licensed either by State, Nielsen TV market, Area Code, County, or Zip Code

  • You can share your number with any number of people within your market on a call rotation basis

  • You may profit off your number by sub-licensing your number to other parties; we provide the paperwork

  • We DO NOT advertise for you, only you are responsible for advertising your 1-800 vanity number, however, we are here to help you as much as possible


  • Flat monthly license fees are based on the population or market rank of the geographic area that you license

  • One time start-up fee from $100-$300 dollars

  • When starting, you pay the first month’s license fee, and the start-up fee

  • You are responsible for your phone bill of 5.5 cents per minute


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