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Your obligations, and our obligations to you
Toll-Free Routing
Licensing & Fees

Your Obligations

  • A 6-month minimum term, which is enough time to begin to see the results of building awareness of your phone number

  • Pay a flat monthly license fee via direct debit of a credit card on the first of every month

  • Pay a one time set-up fee to establish call routing (from $100-$300)

  • Pay toll charges directly to McLeod USA at 5.5 cents per minute

  • A commitment to advertising your number – just having the number isn’t enough

Our Obligations

  • The best service and support we can provide to help you make the most of your marketing

  • Advice on establishing your media plan and on how to market your new 1-800 vanity number based on our extensive experience in helping other small businesses marketing their goods and services using 1-800 vanity numbers

  • We will provide access to our other licensees in the form of an email listserv and annual conferences depending on demand and interest

  • Exclusive access to the phone number for as long as you want to use it in your advertising

  • We can only raise your license fee 2% or the CPI per year, whichever is less, so you can rest assured that we won’t price you out of the number by making it unaffordable

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